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Nearly 30 players took advantage of the sunny weather to battle it out for the remaining spots on the 2015 New York Rumble roster.

The invite-only attendees gathered at Randall’s Island this past Saturday to take part in what was the final tryout before the 2015 roster is announced. Head Coach Anthony Nuñez led the tryout alongside scout Eileen Murray, a former Team USA U-20 girls coach, who has assisted the Rumble coaching staff throughout the tryout process.

After an extensive warm-up led by 2013 Rumble Strength and Conditioning Coach Chris Wicus, the players warmed up with a quick give-and-go drill to give coaches a chance to observe handlers moving the disc.

Players next broke into a wide box drill to work on cutting and longer downfield throws. This drill also allowed the coaches to focus on flow and players’ timing on their cuts when clearing out after the throw.

As the day provided nice weather with little wind, the coaches set up a deep cutting drill to measure huck accuracy and downfield receiving ability, which previous tryouts did not allow for due to weather. This was probably the most exciting drill of the day with some spectacular grabs and defensive plays, most notably by Marques Brownlee.

Finally, the tryouts split into two squads, each coached by Nuñez and Murray for a scrimmage refereed by an MLU official. Coaches were afforded one last look at players in a simulated game setting to assess their ability, chemistry and how they adjusted to coaching instructions. Standouts during the scrimmage included Matt Weintraub, Jibran Mieser and Markian Kuzmowycz.

“The scrimmage showed us a lot of who was coachable, who created the right amount of space on this large field and who can take over a game when needed,” said Nuñez.

Coaches will next be meeting to finalize the roster for the 2015 season. Stay tuned for upcoming roster announcements.

Check out the highlights from the tryout by visiting the UltiPhotos gallery.

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