The New York Rumble announced today their coaching staff for the upcoming 2017 MLU Season.

Major League Ultimate announced today that Anthony Nuñez will be returning for his fourth season as Head Coach of the New York Rumble. After two seasons with the team, Eileen Murray has parted ways with the franchise.

A long-time fixture of the New York/New Jersey ultimate community, Nuñez has coached some of the biggest stars in the game as the Head Coach of the Delaware Valley Youth League (DEVYL). DEVYL alums included 2016 Eastern Conference MVP Billy Sickles, 2016 Eastern Conference Rookie of the Year Sean Mott and 2016 Eastern Conference Defensive Player of the Year Marques Brownlee. Mott and Brownlee played for Nuñez on the Rumble in 2016, while Sickles played for the rival Philadelphia Spinners.

Joining Nuñez as Assistant Coaches in 2017 will be Dave Hsiung and Steve Willis. Hsiung is new to the Rumble, but like Nuñez, he has been heavily involved in the local ultimate community for some time.

“Dave and I coached at the Youth Club Championships together last year” said Nuñez. “He has a lot of experience coaching and has been very successful.”

Hsiung, a Rutgers graduate was named USA Ultimate’s Coach of the Region in 2012, after leading the Rutgers women’s team to the semi-finals in the Metro East region.

“In 2012, Dave was the Assistant coach for DEVYL U16 under legendary coach Ryan Belline,” said Nuñez. “Dave helped the team develop and succeed with two finals appearances and two semi finals appearances.  After 2015, both Ryan and I thought it would be great to have Dave help the U19 team. He gave the players a familiar face and we instantly clicked. Dave has a solid head on his shoulders and has coached teams at various levels to success. I am very excited that he has come on board and cannot wait to work with him again.”

Joining Nuñez and Hsiung on the sidelines in 2017 will be Willis, who spent the 2016 MLU Season as a member of the Rumble.

 The 35-year old Canadian added a veteran presence to the young Rumble’s locker room in 2017, contributing 5 goals and a block over a just 46 points played. In his club career, Willis has played for several teams, currently captaining The Bandits, a mixed team in northern New Jersey.  

“Steve has been involved in Ultimate for a long time and he gives the players a comforting figure since he was a teammate with them last year,” said Nuñez. “Since Steve isn’t that far removed from playing he will be helpful to coaching from a players perspective. Steve is constantly positive in every situation and will be great to help keep these young players focused and excited.”

Since 2014, Willis has been coaching ultimate at Ramapo College of New Jersey, implementing structure and strategy into their program as well as trying to develop their top talent into club and professional level players.
With the coaching staff in place for the upcoming season, follow the Rumble on Twitter and Facebook stay tuned for roster and tryout announcements in the near future.

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