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The New York Rumble announced today that 2015 Assistant Coach Eileen Murray will join Anthony Nuñez in the head coaching duties of the 2016 Rumble.

Anthony Nuñez, the Rumble’s head coach for the past two seasons will be joined by Eileen Murray as Co-Head Coach for the 2016 season.  Coaching responsibilities will be shared by both coaches.

“I am excited to co-coach with Eileen. We have known each other for several years and work extremely well together.” said Nuñez.

“Anthony and I have a great working relationship.” echoed Murray, an assistant coach for the Rumble in 2015, “The open communication and ability to challenge each other helps to keep us honest. We plan on working together on everything and use our strengths accordingly.”

While some teams have named separate head coaches with divided responsibility for offense or defense, Nuñez and Murray will share coaching duties for both sides of the disc.

“We are not breaking down the team in a typical fashion.” said Nuñez, “We both have an equal say on both sides of the disc. Eileen’s experience and leadership is important to the Rumble’s success and both of us will push one another to be the best.” 

Murray looks to build upon her experiences from the 2015 Rumble season:

“Last year was my first year coaching pro, as well as coaching men. I will be more confident in my approach with the players now, with a better sense of what the season will bring. I am excited about this year and am ready to help our guys compete at the highest level while having a blast. Because, honestly, why else play ultimate?”

A strong coaching duo could be a powerful asset for a Rumble team coming off two disappointing seasons.  Strong leadership from the top will be needed for the team to compete in the increasingly strong Eastern Conference of the MLU. 

The 2016 Rumble will be a young team, with a core of returning veterans surrounded by a host of new faces.  While experience is an important factor in every sport, youth has it’s advantages too, a viewpoint that Coach Nuñez extolls:

“This year we are doing a youth movement with the Rumble. Also, we don’t want players who just make exciting plays, we are looking for the guys who will help make their teammates a success on the field. Every year the team’s mental toughness has been growing and we look to continue that development. Expect to see young guys working hard and working together as one unit.”

Nuñez called on the words of John Wooden when describing the elevation of Murray to co-Head Coach – “Surround yourself with smart people who’ll argue with you.” 

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