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Article by Anthony Nuñez

After an extremely emotional week in Boston, nearly 500 people filed into Bowditch field to experience the first MLU regular season game for both the Boston Whitecaps and New York Rumble.

The Whitecaps were victorious in the end, but the fans were treated to an exciting back-and-forth game between two teams that have already created one of the most intense rivalries in the league. Before the hard play and tough points, however, to show a moment of solidarity and respect to their fellow counterparts, the Rumble presented the Whitecaps players with black armbands after the National Anthem.

The Rumble versus the Whitecaps held true to the classic definition of a rival, a person or thing competing for superiority in the same field. The game started out with the Rumble offense making poor decisions and Boston taking full advantage, scoring two quick goals. The Rumble answered back by finding Joe “Smash” Anderson in the end-zone to make the game 2-1. The Whitecaps offense behind Brandon Malacek’s handler movement and Jeff Graham’s strong cutting kept Boston in the lead in the first half, which ended with the Whitecaps leading 11-8.

After some quick adjustments in the locker room, the Rumble came out fired up and immediately showed it on the field. The offense started to click and behind some well-timed hucks by Chris Mazur, the Rumble battled back to tie things up at 13-13. Boston responded quickly and regrouped to make some adjustments to their defense, breaking the Rumble offense twice. With time ticking away, the Whitecaps swung the disc and maintained control until the game was out of reach for the Rumble. The final score was 19-16 Boston.

“We are only going to get stronger, every quarter, every game, and I think this second half showed that,” Assistant Coach Anthony Nuñez said. Chris Mazur agreed with Coach Nuñez, “We need to figure out how to finish out the quarters better and we will definitely learn that at practices. We are in a good place right now, despite the end results.”

The Rumble have the opportunity to show how much they have improved at their home opener this weekend, when they take on the Philadelphia Spinners at 7 pm at Union City High School.

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