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Despite putting up a season-high 24 points against the second place team in the MLU Eastern Conference, the New York Rumble could not contain the Boston Whitecaps’ prolific offense and fell 31-24 on the road.

The two teams’ combined 55 points set an MLU record for most goals scored in a game.

After tying the game at 1-1 early in the first quarter on a huck from handler Chris Mazur to cutter Markian Kuzmowycz, the Rumble were never able to draw level again. Following an easy Boston hold, a drop by the normally sure-handed Sean Murray allowed the Whitecaps to notch the first break of the game on a feed by Alex Simmons to Thomas Edmonds. From there, the Whitecaps were able to extend their lead to 11-6 by the end of the quarter, converting on all seven of its offensive points and breaking the Rumble’s offensive line four times.

The Rumble battled back against a Boston squad firing on all cylinders. New York took the second quarter 6-5 and closed the halftime deficit to 16-12, with both teams trading throughout the quarter. When Robbie Gillies ran down a huck late in the third quarter to bring the Rumble to 22-19, a palpable tension permeated the air at Hormel Stadium as the visitors looked to complete the comeback.

Unfortunately for New York, the Whitecaps’ prolific offense proved to be too much for a tired Rumble defensive line. The Whitecaps righted the ship on their ensuing offensive point, as veteran handler Teddy Browar-Jarus found a wide-open Brian Zid for the score.

With the clock ticking down in the third quarter, New York’s offensive line made a critical clock management error on the next point, turning the disc over with 40 seconds left in the quarter. Edmonds made the Rumble pay for the time they left on the clock less than twenty seconds later. His goal upped the Whitecaps’ lead to 24-19 at the end of the third, restoring Boston’s safe five-goal advantage.

By the time the fourth quarter rolled around, the Rumble found themselves on the short end of yet another rout. They had no answer all game for rookie sensation Tyler Chan, who consistently burned the Rumble deep. Chan, who finished fifth in Callahan voting this past college season, registered five goals, eight assists and one block on the evening.

Except for a few key moments in the first and third quarters, New York’s offensive attack appeared more methodical and incisive than in past weeks’ efforts. In particular, Robbie Gillies put on an incredible performance with seven goals, one assist and one block.

But for now, one game into the second half of the 2015 MLU season, the Rumble find themselves in an all-too-familiar place in the Eastern Conference: last place.

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