The Rumble (1-5) will meet with the San Francisco Dogfish (1-2) on the West coast in what will be the first cross-divisional game of the regular season in MLU history.

Last weekend the New York Rumble suffered another loss against the Philadelphia Spinners, losing all three games of the regular season to this undefeated team. The loss was not what New York was hoping for and, as their chances at the playoffs dwindle, they will be fired up for a win this weekend. We’ve been saying all season long that this team is still growing and just recently received some news that they have signed four more players. Joining their roster this weekend will be: rookie handler Paul Klimkowski, hybrid player Casey Startzell, former Spinner Justin Carter, and big time defender Kyle ‘Teddy’ Fischer. We can expect a lot of play time for these newcomers as the Rumble have a long list of inactive players including: Quinn Hunziker, Charlie Patten, Andrew Misthos, Steven Willis and Seth Canetti, all players that have been crucial parts of the Rumble’s games so far this season.

Either way, the Rumble will be desperate for a win this weekend against the San Francisco Dogfish. New York is behind San Francisco in many categories. They are noticeably behind in Offensive Scoring Efficiency (OSE) and Defensive Scoring Efficiency (DSE) as well as having recorded 75 more turnovers so far this season. But these statistics are somewhat skewed considering that the Dogfish have only played three games so far this season, two of which have been against the Portland Stags, one of the best teams in the league. Their last game was against Portland and, much like New York’s games against the Spinners, they scored only three breaks and ended the game down by a large margin. They did, however stomp the Nighthawks in their season opener, ending the game ahead by nine.

This kind of landslide win is not something the Rumble has experienced thus far this season, and with the Dogfish coming off a game against a major force in the league they will be prepared for the worst. There will be a lot of opportunity for the four new players signed on to show their stuff and to see if these additions can breath some life into the Rumble. New York is going to have their hands full this game, but don’t count them out just yet.

While the team will be traveling out to California for this game you can show them your support right here from home. Be sure to tune in live Saturday, May 14 at 3PM PT.

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