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The Rumble (2-5) will look to build on last week’s win as they travel to face the D.C. Current (1-4) for the third time this season.

The New York Rumble will be looking for a win this weekend as they head into their final match against the Washington D.C. Current, hoping to end up on top stoner costume ideas.

These teams have met twice so far this season, each winning while they were on the road. If that trend continues then the Rumble will be going home to New York as winners once again. Last weekend they traveled to the Bay Area to play the first regular season cross-divisional game in MLU history against the San Francisco Dogfish. In that game New York played an incredible first half and, despite losing their momentum in the second half, were able to finish the game ahead. This was the first game with their four newly signed players and was their most successful game this season, recording record highs for breaks and Defensive Scoring Efficiency. The inimitable Marques Brownlee added 4 blocks to his tally for the season as well as contributing to four goals, and Matthew Weintraub stepped up his game recording 7 assists.

The Current have been on a two-week break, their last game being May 1 against the Rumble, who ended the game down by two. In that game, the current jumped out to an 11-8 lead in the first half but were outscored by New York in the second half. Had the game been just five minutes longer New York could have easily closed the gap, but time simply wasn’t on their side. In this game the Current were extremely effective on offense, recording their highest Offensive Scoring Efficiency of the season. The two players who made a huge impact for D.C. were Kyle Khalifa and Lloyd Blake, each contributing to five scores. Both of these players will be in for this game and the Rumble will have to play hard defense to shut the duo down.

There is a lot at stake for both of these teams. It would be huge for the Rumble to win two games in a row as well as to end the regular season ahead of the D.C. Current. For D.C. it may be hard to establish good flow after two weeks off. On the other hand, they will have fresh legs whereas New York may still be recovering from their travels last weekend. New York will have to establish themselves early on in the game as to not let D.C. get too far ahead as we saw two weekends ago.

This is sure to be a game to watch so invite some friends over to stream it live or take a trip down to D.C.. First pull will be at 7PM on May 21st at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Va.

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