Shifting between the five and six position the past two weeks, the New York Rumble enter Week 3 back in the five spot after their double OT win against Philadelphia.

Major League Ultimate’s Week 3 power rankings say that New York has a lot to work on, but if they get organized, they could take on the league’s top teams.

“I’m glad we moved up in the power rankings,” said Rumble Coach Anthony Nuñez. “We are a very talented team and I think every week we will show that we have the talent and chemistry to beat the league’s best.”

“We know we can hang with the best,” said Joe Anderson. “I’m glad that the league is starting to notice but we have much more to prove to ourselves. I don’t think we have played to the best of our abilities yet and that is very encouraging.”

Chris Mazur acknowledged that East rivals D.C. Current and Boston Whitecaps deserve the one and two spots right now, but he also hinted that the Rumble’s position could fluctuate depending on the Western Conference.

“Looks about right to me from the East side of things,” said Mazur. “It’s tough to know when we haven’t faced a West Coast team. We might be over seeded if Portland and Vancouver turn out to be the real deal this year.”

Playing only East Conference teams, the Rumble will indeed have to prove that they can play with the top teams. They travel to Philadelphia this week for a rematch and then the following week take on Boston at Union City High School on Saturday, May 3 at 7:00 p.m.

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