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New York announced on Friday their final signing, 2013 MLU Eastern Conference MVP Chris Mazur.

Mazur rejoins the Rumble for a third season, joining Robbie Gillies, Joe Anderson, Ben Faust, Jake Herman, Markian Kuzmowycz and Andy Bosco as the only players who have played with the Rumble since their inaugural season in 2013.

After winning the 2013 MLU Eastern Conference MVP award, Mazur turned in a solid season in 2014, compiling 14 goals, 20 assists and seven defensive plays, good for seventh in the Eastern Conference. Mazur also won the Week 4 Innova Pulsar Throw of the Week for his cross-field hammer while being double marked, which helped lead the Rumble to a one-point victory over the Boston Whitecaps.

Mazur returned to the MLU and the Rumble for a third straight year due to the league’s management and the opportunity it provides to help shape the future of ultimate.

“I believe in the MLU leadership and the professional sports entertainment product they have created,” said Mazur. “It’s truly an encompassing business venture geared towards bettering the sport of ultimate, both on and off the field. The MLU and the Rumble afford us an opportunity as players and leaders in the sport of ultimate that’s truly unparalleled.”

After a disappointing 2014 season for the Rumble, Mazur believes this new crop of players, along with the addition of Ari Weitzman and Eileen Murray to the coaching staff, has what it takes to take the league by storm this season.

“New York ultimate has always been loaded with skilled players capable of making exciting plays,” said Mazur. “This year’s team is not just filled with skill, but with a group of teammates. Along with a unified vision crafted between the coaching staff, the Rumble’s trajectory this season could see us winning more games than our previous two years combined.”

“I’m very much looking forward to the increased tactical adjustments made by our two new coaches.”

Head Coach Anthony Nuñez praised Mazur’s work ethic and versatility on the field, and how defenses will have to adjust to Mazur’s game due to being a multi-dimensional, all-around player.

“Chris is a work horse and a true professional,” said Nuñez. “When teams adjust to his deep throws, he will beat them by throwing to the in-cuts. Once the defense adjusts to that he will go score goals. It’s exactly what our offense needs.”

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