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New York announced on Wednesday the signing of eight promising new players to the 2015 roster.

With the 2015 MLU season right around the corner, New York has amassed a talented young team full of eager rookies and last season’s standouts.

Additions to this year’s roster include a number of collegiate stars and club players, including George Washington’s Chris Kocher as well as 2013-2014 Carleton College captain Simon Johansen.

Kocher will enter the 2015 season with the Rumble looking to build towards a growing list of ultimate achievements. With humble beginnings at Southern High School powerhouse Paideia Gruel, Kocher has gone on to make appearances on the rosters of the 2013 NexGen Ultimate Tour as well as the U-20 Team USA Open squad.

Kocher will also be joining the U-23 Team USA Open team, along with new teammate Jibran Mieser, as they head to the WFDF World Games in June. Until then, the Rumble are eager to welcome a well-seasoned newcomer to the family.

“I’m really excited for the opportunity to play in the MLU,” said Kocher. “I can’t wait to play with New York. I believe we have a lot of talent.”

Another exciting addition to the roster, Johansen boasts an impressive repertoire of high-level ultimate experience. In addition to having captained Carleton CUT for two consecutive seasons, Johansen is a member of the Minnesota club team Sub Zero. As a New York native, Johansen will certainly be one to watch in 2015 as he leaves Minnesota and returns to New York to take on this year’s MLU season with the Rumble.

Kocher and Johansen will be joined by a trio of former Rutgers teammates in Josue Alorro, Albert Alarcon and Matt Weintraub. Alorro and Alarcon will take the field together once again with the Rumble after past club seasons with New York’s PoNY. The pair will rejoin Weintraub, who played with Garden State Ultimate this past club season along with numerous other Rumble players.

New York is also proud to announce the signing of three additional college stars for the upcoming season: Brown’s Jacob Price, Georgetown’s Charlie Patten and Florida State’s Clark Cofer. Outside of the college circuit, Price and Patten have experience at the club level with Boston’s Garuda and Philly AMP respectively. All three players will be entering their rookie season in the MLU, and they too will be a trio to keep an eye on.

With the signings of this year’s rookies, New York has a diverse group of new talent to join the team’s returning stars.

“The new players that we signed this year not only fit into our system, but they are all great young players,” said Head Coach Anthony Nuñez. “Each one of [the new players] are talented, smart and have experience playing at a high level.”

While they may be new to the team, Nuñez already has experience coaching most of these rookies, which will certainly help their transition into Major League Ultimate.

“I have a lot of experience working with a majority of these guys, whether it be coaching them at the juniors level or at the college level,” said Nuñez. “I am extremely excited to work with all of them as they move into the next level of their ultimate careers.”

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