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The New York Rumble announced today the addition of four rookies to their 2016 Roster, bringing the number of signed players up to 7.

The Rumble announced the names of four rookies that have signed contracts to play with the team in 2016: Andrew Manganelli, Andrew Auyeung, John Irvine and Charlie Cannon.


Andrew Manganelli (Photo by Sandy Canetti –

Manganelli, a member of the club team Garden State, was identified as a strong cutter with a great mind for the game.  Rumble Head Coach Anthony Nuñez said they are looking forward to adding Manganelli’s natural athleticism to the roster. 


Andrew Auyeung (Photo by Sandy Canetti –

Auyeung, a standout from Rutgers is a hybrid handler/cutter and was identified as being a significant part of the team’s run to USAU College Nationals in 2014. 


John Irvine (Photo by Sandy Canetti –

Irvine, a product of The College of New Jersey, is an explosive defender who Nuñez believes “is quiet by nature, but [he] will definitely have a big year on defense.”


Charlie Cannon (Photo by Sandy Canetti –

Lastly, Stevens Tech’s Cannon stood out to the Rumble’s coaches during tryouts for his handling skills and will help move the disc well.
All four of these signings share two characteristics: age and familiarity.
Firstly, all four of these players fit with the Rumble’s plan to build a young roster around a core of more experienced players, that will develop into a well balanced team of together.
Furthermore, each of these rookies has experience playing with coaches and players already on the Rumble roster.  While handling for Stevens, Cannon has experience playing with Rumble cutter Marques Brownlee.  Auyeung, Irvine and Manganelli have all played with Rumble star Jibran Mieser during the club season.  By bringing on talented young players who have played with the Rumble’s veteran core, the team will lessen the impact of limited experience on the roster, and look to find their team chemistry earlier in the season.

With the Rumble’s 2016 roster coming together, there is still time to show what you’ve got at the next tryout on February 20.

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