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The New York Rumble announced on Thursday that this season’s home opener will now be played in Boston on Saturday, April 25 at 5 p.m.

Due to scheduling conflicts, next Saturday’s season opening game against the Boston Whitecaps will now be played at Hormel Stadium in Medford, Mass., the Whitecaps home stadium.

For those looking to still attend the game, Hormel Stadium is easily accessible by car and Boston’s public transportation system. Directions to the stadium and parking information can be found on the Whitecaps website.

Season-ticket holders will still have their season-ticket badges honored and may use them upon entering the stadium. As always, live updates of the game will be provided on the Rumble’s Twitter account and the game will be available via stream within a few days of the game ending.

Saturday, May 10 against the D.C. Current will now serve as this season’s home opener for the Rumble. Season tickets and single game tickets for the game are currently on sale.

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