For 24 hours only on Saturday, the MLU Shop is having a massive sale on Rumble gear.

Let’s face it, the Rumble have a bunch of reasons to celebrate: 1. They’ve got the most stacked roster in the Eastern Conference, 2. Spring is only five days away, 3. Season tickets come with free stuff and VIP access, and 4. Now you can get ready for the season for only a few bucks.

It’s good to be a Rumble fan.

What’s on Sale:

  • Discs: $6
  • Grey T-shirts: $5
  • Kid’s T-shirts: $5
  • Premium T-shirts (Rumble Young Man Rumble): $15
  • Electro jerseys/hydro shorts: $10
  • Pint glasses: $6
  • Hats (non-New Era): $10
  • All stickers: $.99


The sale begins at midnight on Friday night and concludes at midnight on Saturday night. Head to the MLU Shop to take advantage of the deals.

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