Even though the season is over, the Rumble are still active in the Ultimate community.

Assistant Coach Anthony Nuñez and General Manager Michelle Kondracki of the NY Rumble traveled to the grounds of Blair Academy to teach Ultimate to kids ranging from ages 7-15. The kids were at Blair Academy as a part of the two-week summer weekday camp, Campus Kids, which offers a multitude of activities for kids to choose from, including Ultimate.

Each day, the group of 26 campers would practice and learn from their counselor Ryan Belline on the basics of the sport. Coach Nuñez and GM Kondracki emphasized the importance of cutting, continuation after the cut, basic throwing, and handler movements. After some instruction and drills, the campers were ready to play against one another. Coach Nuñez’s team pulled away early despite great efforts from GM Kondracki’s team and was able to take home the win. Three players from each team won a New York Rumble Pulsar for the Team MVP, Most Spirited, and Most Improved awards.

“The highlight of the night for me was teaching a kid who said he couldn’t throw a hammer. I gave him a few tips and fixed his grip, and then watched him throw it perfectly to his receiver,” said GM Kondracki. She continued, “It’s very impressive that it’s such a popular sport at the camp and it shows how great of a job Mr. Belline is doing.”

The two Rumble staff members, as well as fellow Rumble players Corey Lee and Aman Nalavade, continued the team’s efforts of focusing on youth ultimate by representing their teams in the Youth Club Championships this past weekend. Nalavade and Lee coached Disc NY, while GM Kondracki and Coach Nuñez coached the Delaware Valley Youth League. Both teams are competed in the Under 19 Youth Open Division.

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