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The New York Rumble produced a lot of fantastic highlights during their inaugural season of play in 2013, but perhaps none more incredible than the focus of this weeks Throwback Thursday.

Entering the second half of the 2013 MLU Season, the Rumble and the Washington D.C. Current were both jockeying for the 2nd Eastern Conference Playoff spot behind the Boston Whitecaps. While the Rumble had come out victorious in their first bout with the Current, the two teams were separated by just a single game in the standings when D.C. travelled to New York for the second of three season matchups.

The Current came out strong in a 1st quarter that didn’t see either team score until almost 7 minutes had run off the clock. Wind at Roosevelt Stadium was making life difficult to complete even the most routine of throws, but the Current gained the edge after the 1st quarter, leading 3-1. In the 2nd quarter, the Rumble struck first and were able to force a tie by halftime. As the two teams took the field for the 2nd half, both squads looked committed to win. About half way through the 3rd quarter, the Current converted a break to take the lead, 11-10. Receiving the pull, New York needed to answer.

Enter Jody Avirgan.

The Rumble worked the disc up to handler Kevin Terry, about 10 yards short of midfield. As Terry looked downfield, he saw Avirgan cutting deep, covered by defender Calvin Oung. Terry fired the disc towards the end zone, but was swatted by Oung as he and Avirgan met at the goal line. As the disc flipped and fluttered away from the duo, Avirgan leapt across Oung to grab the wayward deflection and bring it in for the score and the tie. Following the catch, Avirgan turned to Oung and offered him his hand, helping each other back to their feet. Oung and Avirgan congratulated each other on a strong block and an amazing catch respectively.

While the Rumble would end up losing the game in the 4th quarter (BOXSCOREWATCH GAME), Avirgan’s catch would make ESPN SportCenter’s Top 10 and go down as one of the most impressive catches in MLU History.


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