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In 2013, the Boston Whitecaps went 10-0 en route to the first ever MLU Championship, laying waste to their Eastern Conference rivals along the way. Heading into 2014, the reigning champs clearly had a target on their backs, as each team looked to show that they had what it took to dethrone the kings. After two loses to the Whitecaps in Boston, the New York Rumble wanted nothing more than to defend their home turf against the visiting juggernaut.

The two teams paced each other in the opening quarter, with each team scoring four goals simvastatin 10 mg. The Whitecaps came out in the 2nd and scored on their first possession. Looking to stay even, the Rumble came out trying to answer, only to find themselves in one of the longest points of their season. Multiple turns led to a marathon point, with both teams unable to score. As over five minutes had passed since the last goal, Boston handler Henry Brecher attempted to go deep to a streaking cutter when the long arms of 6-foot-3 Joe “Smash” Anderson reached up and snatched the disc in mid-air. With momentum turned, Anderson quickly fed the disc to his teammates, working their way up field before Anderson was found in the end zone for “the bookends”.

With renewed fervor, the Rumble scored twice to lead at half, 7-6, and held that margin throughout the game, defeating Boston for the first time in franchise history, 18-17. (BOXSCOREWATCH GAME)

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